Md. Faizul Huq Arif
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
MSC in Information Technology, Institute of Information Technology (IIT), University of Dhaka

Number of Publication 21


Enhancement of relative sensitivity of Photonic Crystal Fiber with high birefringence and low confinement loss.

 Design and optimization of photonic crystal fiber for liquid sensing applications

A new structure of photonic crystal fiber with high sensitivity, high nonlinearity, high birefringence and low confinement loss for liquid analyte sensing applications

Optimization and enhancement of liquid analyte sensing performance based on square-cored octagonal photonic crystal fiber.

Design and Optimization of Highly Sensitive Photonic Crystal Fiber with Low Confinement Loss for Ethanol Detection.

Design and characterization of photonic crystal fiber for sensing applications

Mobility Issue on Octagonal Structured ZigBee Network Using Riverbed. International Journal of Communications

Design of Simple Structure Gas Sensor Based on Hybrid Photonic Crystal Fiber

A comparative analysis of two different PCF structures for gas sensing application

Highly sensitive simple structure circular photonic crystal fiber based chemical sensor.

Proposal of a simple structure photonic crystal fiber for lower indexed chemical sensing

Numerical analysis of O-PCF structure for sensing applications with high relative sensitivity

 Application of microarray-core based modified photonic crystal fiber in chemical sensing

Proposal of simple gas sensor based on micro structure optical fiber

On the Analysis of RED Algorithm in ZigBee Network for Queue management

High Sensitive PCF based Chemical Sensor for Ethanol Detection

Simulation Based Analysis of Formalin Detection Through Photonic Crystal Fiber

Queue management of RED enabled ZigBee Network based on packet size variations and distribution techniques

 Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Sensor for Detecting Binary Liquid Mixture