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Research emphasis on artificial and data mining .Artificially created devices such as construction of algorithms. Latter relate to many step-by-step, or computational, processes found in nature. In most areas, data mining or artificial is introduced. Ultimate boundaries of similar processes are not well understood. Potential computing devices may be currently far from being fully realized, fundamental quantitative questions in biological terms and evolution remain unanswered. Tools and techniques used in quantitative and qualitative research involves research process, interventions also includes similar process in data collection tools. Data selection is a factorial issue for research development. Recent study examines large scale machine learning supervised with deep learning algorithms.

Journal Section
  1. Debashis Kundu,Md. Mushfiqur Rahman,Md.Nazmus Sakib,Mst. Nishita Aktar (2023) A novel approach incorporating feature extraction followed by YOLOv7 for quality enhancement of mangoes in Bangladesh July 2023,14th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT) (waiting for pulication)

  2. Md.Nazmus Sakib,Kazi Hassan Robin,Ayesha Siddika,Shamsun Nahar (2023) A Novel Approach of Detecting Malicious Phishing URL using Self-Organizing Map, Conference: International Symposium on Automatic Control and Emerging Technologies(ACET 2023)(Waiting for pulication)

  3. Ahsan Ullah,Md. Emtiaz AhammedMd. Emtiaz AhammedMd. Mohiuddin Bhuiyan,Md.Nazmus Sakib (2023) IoT Based Nurse Activities Monitoring and Controlling System January 2023 Advances in Internet of Things 13(03):63-82 DOI: 10.4236/ait.2023.133004

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