Social Welfare 

As far as the purpose of education in the university level is concerned, students of any university must involve in community services as well as their curriculum activities like attending lectures, seminars, appearing exams, assignments etc. University level education is global; students must do a lot more than just study related issues. The students of department of CSE have been always active in participating in the community services whenever it is alarming for them and the society. They have contributed a number of events like helping to the poor’s, homeless, or less advantages societies with some support e.g., food, cloths, shelters, so on in the national disasters like flood, religious events like Eid or Ramadan, or other voluntary services that are beneficial to the society, they have been actively contributing and donating quite handsomely for such noble cause. Followings are the list of events organized by the department interms of social activities and engagements;

Relief for flood affected peopleFaculty

Faculty members and students of the Dept. of CSE arranged distribution of relief for flood affected people as part of social welfare ctivities.

Arranged Eid Cloth Distribution

Faculty members and students of the Dept. of CSE arranged Eid cloth distribution as part of CSR activity. 300 pieces of new cloth were distributed to the street children.