Access the human brain

While doctors and scientists advance in their research to understand the machinery of the human brain, artificial intelligence (AI) is already capable of hacking it. There are now AI systems to treat symptoms of depression, machine-learning software capable of recognizing brain changes caused by Alzheimer’s years before the first View details

01 March, 2019
Agile Web Mining at Bing

The web search industry is making great progress in transitioning from building tools for finding pages and sites to building tools that leverage and surface facts and knowledge. The local search space is founded on structured knowledge - the entity data that represents businesses and other things that necessarily have a location, and is a core View details

01 March, 2019
Build Future By Coding

Computer Science, once a puzzle to most, is now becoming more lucid and usable than ever, especially when it comes to coding. Coding has become a lot less overwhelming and a lot more approachable and empowering. This brings a new perspective to a subject that once was viewed necessarily for only a select few. Computer Science is View details

01 March, 2019